Terms and Conditions


  • Any living organism, including plants.
  • Propane tanks, empty or not.
  • Ammunition, especially bullets.

Improperly packed boxes that include breakables; if you hear a cling … not safe to bring! PLEASE RE-PACK.  Not wise to allow strangers to  have access to valuables such as cash, jewelry, economic papers containing info such as stocks, bonds, financial certificates. PLEASE MOVE PERSONALLY.


2-HOUR MINIMUM: 2 hours of labor are charged to each move regardless of actual service required to complete said move, less than 2 hours. “Unused” minutes are not transferable. Random acts of labor unrelated to moving services are not permitted.

A BASIC MOVE: A BASIC MOVE consists of g2G professionals meeting client at designated origin, protecting moving environment (doors, walls, carpets, hardwood floors) and carefully moving items (padding/wrapping). After transporting goods to destination, team members BASICALLY reverse the load process. A BASIC MOVE DOES NOT INVOLVE PACKING OR BRINGING PACKING MATERIALS SUCH AS BOXES. IF PACKING MATERIAL IS DESIRED, PLEASE EXPRESS THIS DESIRE PRIOR TO THE MOVE.

CANCELLATIONS: Direct client request: DEPOSIT forfeited in most cases. Indirect client action such as not appearing after 30 minute grace period = NO DEPOSIT refunded.

DIS-ASSEMBLY/RE-ASSEMBLY: As necessary, goods that require the unit to be reduced for safety or logistics purposes; the item will be RE-ASSEMBLED at destination UNLESS the destination is storage.

HOURLY RATE: Services are charged on an hourly basis. Labor rate begins after introductions and moving assessment is conducted. HOURLY RATE does not stop due to factors outside the control of g2G Trangistics, such as: TRAFFIC; keys to new house or apartment not received; hindrances caused by contractors hired by client; malfunctioning elevator; blocked access caused by neighbors or other moving companies; etc.

HOUSE CALL FEE: This cost is also referred to as a service charge. The charge is assessed when 1 to 3 team members, with or without a g2G truck, arrives on site with the intention of performing labor. An additional HOUSE CALL FEE is charged for labor involving team members 4 to 6. HOUSE CALL FEES do not apply to estimates.

LABOR ONLY: g2G professionals assisting with client labor needs, not requiring transportation. g2G team members will arrive with appropriate equipment as requested by client. Loading or Unloading, Packing and Prepping items to be moved by a 3rd party, are examples of LABOR ONLY.

PACKING/PACKING MATERIALS: Labor and materials provided, or service only provided. All items in home are professionally boxed or packaged, labeled and strategically placed within the dwelling for efficient, future loading. PACKING MATERIALS are charged as used. PACKING IS NOT A BASIC MOVE. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT TEAM MEMBERS TO ARRIVE AND SEVERAL, LOOSE PERSONAL ITEMS ARE PRESENT, WITH EXPECTATIONS THAT THE MOVERS HAVE BOXES. PACKING IS A SPECIALTY SERVICE, PLEASE REQUESTS BOXES IN ADVANCE.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Applying professional standards to reasonable request/unreasonable result or unreasonable request/reasonable result; client requests that jeopardize property or furniture integrity will not be performed unless paperwork is signed that WAIVES LIABILITY. For example: client request for armoire to be taken upstairs using narrow stairwell, on wooden steps, with right angle turn on stairs … this requires a WAIVER OF LIABILITY due to likely wall, floor and furniture damage.